Sunday May 24th 2015

Automating Privileged Identity Management

Automating Privileged Identity ManagementIt seems like more and more organizations are moving to the cloud because of its perceived benefits of increased speed and reduced costs.

However, as many IT executives seem to overlook, time-consuming manual processes are still involved in the provisioning and configuration of cloud resources. The management of privileged accounts is often poorly handled, or simply ignored, leading to failed regulatory compliance audits, data breaches and even higher IT costs.

In this session from the recent Microsoft Management Summit Philip Lieberman, of Lieberman Software, discusses how privileged identity management can be automated and scripted to provide a scalable and secure cloud for your customers, and authoritative audit trails for your auditors.

If you want to understand the real scope of the privileged account management challenge facing large enterprises and cloud providers, set some time aside for this in-depth presentation.

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