Data Breaches In Depth

Want to know what’s really happening in the world of data security?

Download the up-to-the-minute Data Loss Database from the Open Security Foundation (free registration required).

The Database provides comprehensive records of data breaches by date, industry, location, affected users and data, legal outcome and vectors of attack. The website also provides separate details about incidents found in the database.

Open the database with your favorite spreadsheet application and you can quickly produce authoritative reports on a range of topics.

With a few mouse clicks you can answer questions like these.

Who knows… by presenting the right data you might get budget for a few new hires on your security team.

Data Breaches in Depth Reports

What were the top 10 data breaches of the decade?
The database provides details about impacted organizations and the number of individuals affected by each breach.

What is the impact of insider data breaches in my industry?
The database provides industry details that can be used to filter reports.

Which attack vectors are used to breach a particular data type?
You can filter reports by attack vector and types of data exposed.

How does the risk from insiders compare to outsider threats in my industry?
The database shows whether each incident was caused by an insider or outside attack.

What are the biggest security threats in my industry?
Here is a report showing threats filtered by a selected industry group.

What types of organizations are at greatest risk for lawsuits?
Details are provided about the outcome of all incidents including data recovery, consumer lawsuits and arrests.


A big ‘thank-you’ goes to the Open Security Foundation and its volunteers for developing and maintaining this data.

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