October is CyberSecurity Awareness Month


CyberSecurity Awareness Month October 2010 is the seventh annual CyberSecurity Awareness Month, a campaign to remind Americans of a shared responsibility to protect the nation’s cyber networks and information infrastructure. U.S. businesses should take advantage of these efforts to promote cybersecurity awareness for individuals and apply these cautions to their own business networks.

Foreign governments and criminal organizations have proven their ability to launch cyber attacks capable of disrupting the IT infrastructure that large businesses depend on. The threat extends beyond individual networked systems, to entire data centers that run critical back-end operations at every major corporation.

I applaud the President’s message to Americans about their stake in securing their PCs and personal data. CyberSecurity Awareness Month is an ideal time for businesses and organizations to do their part to ensure proactive security training is available for employees and partners and that their networks are using up-to-date security hardware and software solutions that protect valuable corporate assets.

The severity of the problem cannot be overstated. According to Modern Malware Exposed, published by FireEye, “On any given day, anywhere from 5% to 10% of all PCs are infected with modern, remotely controlled malware. This translates to 50 to 100 million comprised PCs worldwide.”

I provide my opinions on pending cybersecurity legislation to help protect the country’s IT infrastructure in the latest edition of our IdentityCast podcast series.  In addition, companies and individuals seeking more details on CyberSecurity awareness information and tips can go to DHS.gov/Cyber to learn about practices to enhance the security of shared cyber networks.

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