Nation-States and Data Breaches

Nation-States and Data Breaches

Cyber intruders now use in-country assets to mask their location, making attribution challenging. If the state actor has a grudge that they want to air, then they will use their own addresses to get their message across to the company and government.

What the cybersecurity industry can learn from elections

What the Cybersecurity Industry Can Learn from Elections

If you think about what an election is, you can see that it’s largely about data quality. Millions of people create a few pieces of data each. All that data flows through a multi-layered system and ends up being part of a very critical dataset that drives very real world matters. Is there any place where the security and integrity of information is more important?

Will the cloud end the traditional IT team?

Will the Cloud End the Traditional IT Team?

If the cloud becomes the primary data center, will there even be a need for a traditional IT department? A third (33%) of nearly 140 IT pros polled thought that the cloud will be the end of the traditional IT team.