Data Breaches In Depth

The Database provides comprehensive records of data breaches by date, industry, location, affected users and data, legal outcome and vectors of attack. The website also provides separate details about incidents found in the database.

The IT Threat On (or Under) Your Desk

Can you identify the significant common factor in these attention-grabbing headlines? Thousands of secret diplomatic communications are stolen from the US government and posted onto WikiLeaks. A powerful computer worm (dubbed “Stuxnet”) invades isolated computer networks to wreak havoc with physical machinery that drives a foreign government’s nuclear programs. The…

Lessons in IT Cost Cutting

The road to lackluster IT performance for America’s large insurance companies was paved by the greed and shortsightedness of their CEOs. Somehow these executives perceived IT as a commodity that can be reduced at will, with no ill effect on the company.

Internet Privacy Is No Place for Government Regulations

Attempts by the federal government to constrain the collection of data, and the ability to tailor offers based on this data, is a case of the government meddling in areas where it has no place. Interference with the free market serves only to punish those companies that know how to efficiently mine their data and so is the worst form of government interference with the free market.

Majority of Americans Support Internet Kill Switch

Majority of Americans Support Internet Kill Switch

My opinion is that ISPs should be provided with a safe-harbor exception from liability so that they can provide so-called “clean pipes” to Internet peer points. In effect, the ISPs should be able to monitor the traffic on their network for botnets and other hostile activity and disconnect these systems as a matter of daily business activity.