Spring Cleaning Can Bring Order to Your Security Software Environment

Spring Cleaning Can Bring Order to Your Security Software Environment

Guest Post by Jane Grafton, Director of Marketing, Lieberman Software Corporation 

Earlier this month I cleaned out my closet. This was an eye-opening experience. It turns out I have been holding onto items for years, for no reason whatsoever – literally.

I found sweatshirts from my high school years with frayed collars. I tried on no less than 25 pairs of jeans only to realize I had 5 pairs of the exact same style jean in the same color blue. I was saddened to find t-shirts with stains on them. It was ridiculous.

I did find a few new shirts I’d totally forgotten about. That was a high point.

The low point was realizing I was holding onto clothes that no longer fit me because they held emotional significance – The suit I wore to my first job interview. The dress I wore at my best friend’s wedding. The coat with shredded lining I wore (out) when I lived in London. These were hard for me to let go.

Technology can be like old clothes. There’s a level of comfort in holding onto software you’ve been using for years. But, there’s also discomfort when you outgrow its usefulness. You know there are better options out there. You know you’re wasting time and energy on old technology. You might even have multiple solutions for the same purpose. But, you still hold onto the software because it’s familiar. You’re used to it. And, it works well enough. Or does it?

It’s time for us all to do some spring cleaning. “Well enough” is not good enough. You should not hold on to technology that is past its prime. You’ve made your investment. It’s paid off (or not), but you’re done trying to make it work. You’re not Tim Gunn. If it’s not working, throw it out.

You should most definitely be looking for technology that delivers what you need right now. Forget about yesterday. Last week is in the rear-view mirror. Tomorrow is what matters.

Guess what? At Lieberman Software we’re here for your best tomorrow. We have first class privileged identity and access management technology and we’re happy to show you how it can make a difference in your future.

We’re automation experts; we don’t want you to have to manually find and change your privileged passwords ever again. We don’t like wasting people’s time. We know you’ve got better things to do than constantly feed a static password vault manually.

Check us out. Your summer vacation depends on a good spring cleaning.

(PS – I did not throw out my old clothes. They have been donated to charity.)

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