A Street Car Named Google

Google car

The following is a guest post by our integration partner, Viewfinity*. 

Someone on the Viewfinity team spotted the Google Street View car on the way into work this morning. Several of us were excited because we’d never seen one of these elusive and sometimes controversial cars. I (being directionally challenged as I am) love the idea of this car, zipping around, doing all of the hard navigational work for me. That sentiment, however, is not shared by everyone. Cue the work place privacy debate.

Many people complain about the privacy issues that these cars are causing. With the constant and often unfiltered stream of information that is recorded by these cars, people are becoming weary of personal privacy encroachments. In fact, in several European countries the legality of the Street View cars is in question all together.

Now, of course, this whole debacle got me thinking – and that train of thought circled back to IT security (as it usually does).

When it comes to privacy, individuals are so eager to lock down their homes, literally and figuratively. Whether we’re talking dead bolts and alarm systems or blocked phone numbers and hedges to increase security and privacy, protecting personal assets is inherent to most people. So, why is it that when we move to the corporate setting so much of that inherent wisdom is lost? You lock down your house for security, close your blinds at night so no one can see in, lock the door to let in only the people you want and set up a security system to alert you when someone is trying to break into your house. Leading me to the perfect segue… companies can do the same for their business and secure the most sensitive information and IT infrastructure by combining Privileged Identity Management with the principle of least privilege management.

On the most basic level, Viewfinity allows you to lock your doors (Privilege Management), and only give the keys to the people of your choosing (Application Control/Whitelisting). Lieberman Software provides the keys (Privilege Identity Management), letting the right people into the right doors (applications/programs) at the right times. The Lieberman Software-Viewfinity solutions work together to provide the proper privacy and security for your company and the customer assets you need to protect.

*Viewfinity offers the only homogeneous software solution that includes capabilities for application control reinforced with managed administrative privileges. 

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