Cloud Computing

Will the cloud end the traditional IT team?

Will the Cloud End the Traditional IT Team?

If the cloud becomes the primary data center, will there even be a need for a traditional IT department? A third (33%) of nearly 140 IT pros polled thought that the cloud will be the end of the traditional IT team.

Linux Security Automation at Scale

Linux Security Automation at Scale in the Cloud

Just like their malware bitten cousins, Linux hosts are often attacked because of poor privileged credential management. With so much of today’s IT infrastructure running on Linux, the need to win these security battles has never been more important.

The Evolution of the Cloud as a Security Platform

A remarkable change has occurred, in which providers of cloud computing resources are becoming part of the United States Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). As cloud vendors become mission-critical to the nation, and work more closely with the US federal government, cloud providers’ security capabilities often surpass those of even the largest corporate environments.