Cloud Security

Linux Security Automation at Scale

Linux Security Automation at Scale in the Cloud

Just like their malware bitten cousins, Linux hosts are often attacked because of poor privileged credential management. With so much of today’s IT infrastructure running on Linux, the need to win these security battles has never been more important.

Privileged Access Management in the Cloud

Privileged Access Management in the Cloud

Accomplishing cloud identity security requires a solution that can discover, audit and control access to privileged accounts entirely by machines in an automated and programmatic manner. Not through direct human intervention.

Cloud Security and SMBs: A Q&A

Lately there’s been an increase in organizations migrating to the cloud. However, many SMBs still seem reluctant to make the move, often due to perceived security risks. So how real are theses risks? For insight, we turned to Philip Lieberman, Identity Week’s Editor-in-Chief, as well as the President and CEO of privileged identity management vendor Lieberman Software Corporation.