default password

Securing a Dynamic Network

Securing a Dynamic Network

Whenever new computers and applications are deployed on a network, they can introduce unforeseen security risks. Shared and default privileged account passwords are introduced through deployment scripts, ghosted images, default appliance credentials and developer “back doors.”

How to Own the Critical National Infrastructure of a Country

It’s simple for intruders to obtain a list of weak systems from Showdan with a credit card. From there they can take over CNI systems using well known exploits, or powerful and secret zero day attacks available to many governments around the world. In a few hours you can own the infrastructure of an entire country.

Land and Expand Cyber Attacks

Criminals apply the concept of “land and expand” during cyber attacks. This means that when hackers compromise your machine, they exploit that machine to gather user names and passwords for the systems you use (i.e. banking, corporate, social networks, etc.).

Employees Deliberately Ignore IT Security Rules

Would You Bet $100 That You Won’t Suffer a Data Breach in the Next 6 Months?

Why the pessimistic attitude among IT security folks? One assumption is because they realize that vendors of traditional security tools like firewalls and anti-virus are in an almost constant state of catch up, updating their products to reactively protect against yesterday’s threats. Meanwhile hackers, rogue nation states and others are looking for new flaws which they can exploit in tomorrow’s attacks.

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