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What the cybersecurity industry can learn from elections

What the Cybersecurity Industry Can Learn from Elections

If you think about what an election is, you can see that it’s largely about data quality. Millions of people create a few pieces of data each. All that data flows through a multi-layered system and ends up being part of a very critical dataset that drives very real world matters. Is there any place where the security and integrity of information is more important?

2016 IT Security Predictions

2016 IT Security Predictions

For many organizations around the world, 2015 could be called the “Year of the Devastating Data Breach.” For vendors of IT security, 2016 will be the “Year of Destruction.” Here are our 2016 IT security predictions.

The annual holiday IT freeze is a cyber security mistake for retailers.

The Annual Holiday Season IT Implementation Freeze

Criminal hackers and nation-state attackers don’t care what time of year it is. They won’t respect your IT freeze, so continuous security improvement and continuous compliance needs to occur 365 days a year. Besides, if a retailer’s existing security solution is taking years to implement, perhaps they need to discard that product rather than stopping and starting a security project based solely on the time of year.

Employees Deliberately Ignore IT Security Rules

Most IT Pros Don’t Report Their Colleagues When They Catch Them Misbehaving

According to data we’ve sifted from our survey of attendees at RSA Conference 2013, 45% of IT workers have snitched on co-workers they’ve caught breaking corporate IT rules or accessing sensitive company information they’re not authorized to see. Of course this means that most of the survey respondents – 55% – admit they’ve turned a blind eye to colleagues they’ve caught in these same acts.

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