nation-state attack

Waking Up to Zero Day Nightmares

Cyber-defense today is not about stopping intrusions. It is about creating architectures and processes that minimize losses and limit how far into the network intruders can go after they do manage to penetrate the perimeter with zero day attacks and similar exploits.

Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) with Privileged Access Management

The analogy I like to use for IT security in today’s organizations is that of a candy with a hard shell and gooey interior. Attackers now know how to break through the outer security – the shell. Since the interior security is weak, or gooey, complete control over most systems can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

Chinese Cyber Attack on Canada

The Chinese cyber attack on Canada demonstrates the reason why privileged account passwords should never be shared among employees, or left static and unchanged. In the description of this attack, hackers were able to gain access to sensitive systems via access to these credentials.