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No Business Is Too Small For Cyber Security

No Business is Too Small for Cyber Security

Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may think they don’t have the budgets or the means for effective cyber security. But if they change the way they manage the one security element that hackers exploit most – privileged credentials – they can be much more secure.

Secrets of Enterprise Password Management

Some Things Never Change in Password Security

People using the same passwords for multiple accounts is a problem. People writing passwords down or user fatigue with password management as an excuse to justify weak passwords are big issues. Simple passwords get cracked more easily, and when people reuse passwords a hack on your favorite dog food delivery service means they have a password that exposes corporate data.

The End of Passwords?

Like the regular ticking of a clock, I hear the siren song of “the end of passwords” from pundits. Practically speaking, the issue is not so much that passwords are bad or inherently insecure; the core problem is with their sizes/uniqueness, disclosures and lifetimes. When humans pick passwords and manage them, we make a compromise between convenience and security – usually erring on the side of convenience.