privileged access management

No Business Is Too Small For Cyber Security

No Business is Too Small for Cyber Security

Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may think they don’t have the budgets or the means for effective cyber security. But if they change the way they manage the one security element that hackers exploit most – privileged credentials – they can be much more secure.

Privileged Access Management in the Cloud

Privileged Access Management in the Cloud

Accomplishing cloud identity security requires a solution that can discover, audit and control access to privileged accounts entirely by machines in an automated and programmatic manner. Not through direct human intervention.

The Privilege Management Security Market: a Q&A

We are moving from a world of perimeter protection via firewalls to a more mature world of defense-in-depth where privilege management is the next step to stop intruders. This technology has been used for more than a decade by some of the largest government and corporate enterprises in the world. This market will continue to widen as more organizations learn the lesson of Target and Edward Snowden, and how privilege management was at the core of each scenario.

Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) with Privileged Access Management

The analogy I like to use for IT security in today’s organizations is that of a candy with a hard shell and gooey interior. Attackers now know how to break through the outer security – the shell. Since the interior security is weak, or gooey, complete control over most systems can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

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