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In cyber warfare speed heals

In Cyber Warfare, Speed Heals

It’s been said that speed kills. But in cyber warfare, speed heals. That’s because with today’s advanced cyber attacks, you need to move faster than the attackers to minimize damage.

25 Worst Passwords of 2011

Zero Day Attacks and Implications

If you’re providing each privileged account on your network with its own unique and complex password, and then changing these passwords very frequently, you’ve blocked an intruder from moving laterally. Even though a zero day attack can still compromise one of your machines, the attack can’t expand.

Waking Up to Zero Day Nightmares

Cyber-defense today is not about stopping intrusions. It is about creating architectures and processes that minimize losses and limit how far into the network intruders can go after they do manage to penetrate the perimeter with zero day attacks and similar exploits.