The Top Cyber Security Stories of 2016

It seems like each year outdoes the last one when it comes to noteworthy cyber attacks and data breaches. The Yahoo data breach – which some have called the most expansive breach of all time – was revealed in 2016. In October, we saw the massive Dyn Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack that brought down Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix and other popular web sites. And, of course, last year’s US Democratic National Committee (DNC) email hack continues to reverberate in the mainstream news.

The interest in cyber attacks – and how to defend against them – drove more visitors to IdentityWeek in 2016 than any other year. We’ll kick off 2017 with a look back at our five most popular cyber security stories of 2016, as measured by number of visitors.

  1. The Seven Steps of a Successful Cyber Attack

    The Yahoo, Dyn and DNC incidents mentioned above were just a sampling of the cyber attacks in the 2016 news cycle. Most of the successful attacks had something in common – careful planning and precise execution. In our most popular post of the year we laid out the seven most common steps of today’s cyber attacks.

  2. Insider Threats or External Cyber Attacks: Is One a Bigger Security Risk

    We’ve established that cyber attacks are a serious threat to most organizations. It seems like many IT groups put a premium on building bigger walls to keep intruders out. But is the emphasis on outside attackers overshadowing the insider threat? We explore that question in this post.

  3. Defending Against Pass the Ticket Attacks

    Your probably know about pass-the-hash attacks. But are you familiar with its cousin, the pass-the-ticket attack? If not, you aren’t alone. But you’d be wise to learn how this cyber attack works. We explain the situation here and provide practical tips for defending against pass-the-ticket.

  4. PIM, PUM and IAM Explained

    Conventional IAM products are great for managing user identities. But they don’t handle privileged identities. That’s where privileged identity management comes in. Even some IT professionals are confused about the differences. We break down the differences in this post.

  5. So You’re Interested in a Cyber Security Career…

    It stands to reason that a surge in cyber attacks would spur a similar rise in the cyber security industry. Clearly it’s a career field with a lot of growth potential. But what’s a cyber security job really like and how can someone prepare for a career in the industry? For answers we turned to our own Chris Stoneff, who has 20 years of hands on IT security experience.

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