Trends in the German IT Market – An Interview

IdentityWeek recently had an opportunity to sit down with Andreas Görög, CEO of IBV Informatik GmbH  – an IT security  solutions provider headquartered in Germany – about his insights on the current state of the IT market in Northern Europe and what to expect in coming years.

What types of new and emerging security vulnerabilities are customers in your region most concerned about?

There’s a growing concern around mobile security for smartphones, tablets and similar devices. Now some of that is just hype, so it will go away over time. But for now it is a real issue. The main thing that we usually see is that the need to meet regulatory compliance requirements is what impels customers toward implementing a security solution.  Most IT professionals usually have so much time pressure on them that they simply don’t have the opportunity to research and implement a security solution. Only when they get pressure from above, from senior management, will they act. And then it depends on which compliance mandates they’re trying to follow and what the auditors are telling them they have to do. Also, the need to securely manage administrative rights is definitely a need that most companies have.

Looking forward into the next several years, how do you see the German IT management and security market evolving?

Well, I think with the cloud, we’re seeing many more companies sharing their data and IT processes outside of their own IT environments. This will give rise to a lot of new security threats that will require unique solutions. I actually think that IT is getting more and more complex, not easier, and therefore organizations have a much higher need to automate all of their IT processes. Anything they can automate in the security realm will help them. This is what people will look for in the next several years. If they can automate their processes they won’t have to do manual work to make the whole environment, including the cloud, secure.

Economic concerns are currently dominating the news, both in the U.S. and Europe. How do you see these issues impacting the IT industry in your region, now and in the future?

That’s a very good question. It clearly depends on what happens with the Euro, and no one really knows at the moment. But there will be changes, we know that for sure. That will affect how companies will invest in IT and new solutions. I think what will happen is that organizations will only engage in IT projects that are absolutely necessary. But again, it’s very difficult to say. We should know more in about six months.

IBV Informatik was founded in 1981. With branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the company serves customers in all German-speaking countries. IBV develops and sells comprehensive solutions for IT Security and IT Automation. For more information, see

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