About This Week’s WikiLeaks CIA Hacking Disclosure…

WikiLeaks CIA Hacking

This week’s sensational Wikileaks revelations about CIA hacking tools has raised all sorts of questions about the US intelligence agency’s aims. The media and many US citizens have expressed alarm.

Here’s my take on the WikiLeaks CIA hacking matter:

Presidential Policy Directive 20 and Title 10 provide transparency to the strategy and resources of the US Government regarding the methods and technologies used for national security. The US Senate, Congress and President control the creation, capabilities and usage of cyber weapons. It’s a coordinated process governed by law.

The intelligence agencies do not operate independently or autonomously without first receiving detailed authorization and direction from national leadership, vetted by the judicial branch.

Therefore, questions as to the usage of those capabilities should be directed to the Senate and President directly. Not the agencies themselves.

The appropriateness of these capabilities are a matter of politics and national security that may or may not disturb US citizens. My advice is to contact your representatives in Congress and the Senate. Ask them for an explanation about the use of these capabilities.

What to Do if You’re Concerned about Government Snooping

Protecting yourself from snooping is as simple as disconnecting the Internet from your devices. Turn off your cell phone and learn to enjoy life without technology.

For example, turn off your cell phone and enjoy a concert instead of trying to record it.  Read a book. Talk to your friends and colleagues over the phone. Get together and talk around a table like human beings without your mobile device.

If you have mobile phones, Internet-connected devices, and live online, don’t expect there to be privacy.  Your true enemy is not the government, but the companies you freely use to post your life onto. The companies who make money from your generosity of information.  Technology has become the chains for slavery and inhumanity. One only needs to look at the sea of cell phones at an event to understand who (or what) is in control of whom.

The construction and operation of the Federal Government and the intelligence community overwhelmingly focus on the betterment of US citizens. However, like all human activities, it is imperfect and needs improvement.

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