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For the second year in a row the editorial team here at Identity Week is delighted to be acknowledged by Fifty Five and Five for blogging excellence. This year’s recognition by the London-based digital marketing agency is particularly humbling. Identity Week was named best blog out of the more than 25,000 Microsoft partner blogs that Fifty Five and Five reviewed.

Lieberman Software Corporation, sponsors of Identity Week, scored third overall in Fifty Five and Five’s annual Inbound Marketing Excellence Report.

A Well-Respected Source for News and Analysis of Technology Trends

According to the report: “This year’s top blog position goes to cybersecurity specialists Lieberman Software who scored an impressive 87/100. Identity Week – their well-respected source for news and analysis of technology trends – provides exemplary CX. Visitors can learn more about specialist topics divided by niche and industry. And the blog undoubtedly conveys the impression that Lieberman Software are thought leaders in their field.”

“The blog is well written, widely read and feels more like a magazine than a company blog. This high level of quality explains why Lieberman Software achieved the highest score in the blog category for all companies tested in our analysis – a huge achievement.

Our goal at Identity Week is to provide candid analysis of current cyber security trends. It’s gratifying to see those efforts recognized by an independent, third-party source.

Other factors influencing Lieberman Software’s 3rd place ranking in the report included its web site and social media output. Fifty Five and Five wrote, “Besides the blog, we’re also really impressed by their website copy and design. Many companies struggle to clearly explain their value proposition in a transparent manner, but we think Lieberman’s ‘Five Steps of a Successful Cyber Attack’ sums up what they do exceptionally well.”

Thank you to Fifty Five and Five for naming us “best in blogging content”. And thank you for reading.

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